Our company has been manufacturing plush toys since 2002. From 200 CM size to 5 CM size Plush Bear, Plush Panda, Plush Duck, Plush Chick, Plush Tiger etc. manufactures plush toys of various types.

In the production of plush toys, it has been produced in different figures in line with the demands of our customers. As a plush toy manufacturer, we also provide retail and wholesale plush toy sales services. In the plush toy wholesale market, our customer portfolio has also emerged in markets such as Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. We serve the plush toy wholesale market from our workshop in Istanbul.

Our company, which closely follows the plush toy manufacturing market, produces high quality toys for the market with our plush toy sales partners, who shape the trendy toy market.

In order to respond to the demand in the market with the production of plush toys, we work with a detailed planning in terms of wholesale plush toys, Wholesale Plush bear requests, high material workmanship and fast completion of the order.

As a plush toy manufacturer, we also carry out R&D studies to bring wholesale plush toy prices to a competitive level.


Plush Bear is one of the products most produced by plush toy manufacturers in the consumer market. Wholesale plush bear demand is the most sought-after product in the plush toy industry. This high demand for Plush Bears has put plush toy manufacturers in a tight competition. While overcoming the difficulties of finding high-quality plush fabric, filling material fiber, it also led to the search for high quality at an affordable price.

Our company, which aims to strengthen its presence in the Plush Toy manufacturing sector, also aims to gain a strong place in the international trade market. We continue to invest in equipment, manpower and innovation areas that can compete with strong international companies and have an exporter status in the world plush toy market.

We are waiting for you to contact our company in order to fulfill your wholesale plush toys demands with our high quality and fast logistics organization.